About Us

Welcome to Purna Yoga – a serene haven where tranquility meets purpose

As a unique wellness and event place resort, Purna is more than just a name; it’s a commitment to providing a complete and fulfilling experience for every guest.

Born out of a journey that includes Purna Yoga Trek, Purna Studio, Purna Yoga Retreat, and Institute, this sanctuary is designed to offer a space where individuals can find peace and return home fully relaxed and rejuvenated.

Purna is not merely a title but a reflection of our actions. It’s a holistic place, offering a respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Nestled in the lush green hills and surrounded by a natural stream, Purna stands as a self-sustainable haven, providing an exclusive retreat for those seeking solace.

Our commitment to well-being extends to the culinary experience as well. Purna is the only place that provides pure vegetarian and healthy meals, contributing to your overall sense of wellness. We take pride in being self-sustainable, ensuring that your stay aligns with the principles of harmony and balance.

Strategically located, Purna offers convenient acces to key destinations:

  • 12km, 30 minutes drive from the International Airport.
  • 8km, 20 minutes drive from the Tourist Buspark.
  • 5km, 12 minutes drive from Lakeside.
  • A mere 20-minutes walk form the beginning of Fewa Lake.

At Purna, we believe in harmonizing with the five elements, and this philosophy is reflected in our accommodations. Each building is thoughtfully designed to connect with water, fire, ether, air, and earth. The soothing sounds of natural streams, rolling green hills, terrace fields & forest views from every room, yoga hall, and seminar hall create an environment where you are in tune with the elements.

Step into Purna, where the sound of the water, the sight of mountains, and the embrace of nature make it a truly complete and fulfilling experience. This is more than a resort; it’s a journey to rediscover your inner balance and connect with the essence of the Himalayas.